Qingjun Xiao    (Chinese Name: 肖卿俊)
Associate Professor
School of Cyber Science and Engineering
Southeast University of China
Phone: 025-52091022
Office: Room 212, Computer Science Building, JiuLongHu Campus of Southeast University, Nanjing, P.R. China
Brief Biography
  • Dr. Xiao is currently an associate professor in the Southeast University, China, and the vice director of the JiangSu Provincial Key Laboratory of Computer Network Technology (JSCNTL, 江苏省计算机网络技术重点实验室). He received his PhD degree on 2011 from the computing department of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, under the supervision of Prof. Bin Xiao and Prof. Jiannong Cao (IEEE fellow). Afterwards, he joined the computer science department of Georgia State University as a postdoctoral researcher, where he worked with Prof. Wenzhan Song (now chair professor of UGA) from February 2012 to March 2013. Then, he went to computer science department at University of Florida as a postdoctoral researcher, where he worked with Prof. Shigang Chen (IEEE fellow) from April 2013 to May 2014. He joined Southeast University of China on May 2014.
  • Ph.D. and M.Sc. Opportunity: We are looking for good candidates in the areas of big network data, in-network data processing, programmable network devices, traffic measurement in high-speed networks, streaming data processing, and big graph data processing. Please do not hesitate to send me your résumé if you are interested to join our laboratory.
  • 招收博士/硕士研究生: 实验室关注如下科研方向 --- 系统安全大数据分析、网络攻防、流式数据处理、大图数据处理、高速网络流量测量、网络异常行为分析、可编程网络设备等。实验室已搭建好万兆数据中心网、虚实结合网络靶场平台、网络行为和日志数据集、流式大数据分析引擎平台,以及Nvidia RTX2080ti GPU的机器学习平台,供大家研究使用。感兴趣加入的同学请发送个人简历、项目经历和文章列表。
Latest News
  • [2023-02-18] 项目“未知网络攻击行为的检测技术研究”(编号:CCF-NSFOCUS202206)获得 2022 年度 CCF-绿盟科技“鲲鹏”科研计划资助。
  • [2022-12-23] A paper named “Universal and accurate sketch for estimating heavy hitters and moments in data streams” is accepted by IEEE/ACM TON.
  • [2022-11-25] 指导研究生蔡月啸、殷广成、李逸飞推进开发项目“基于On-vLLC Sketch的纯数据面网络流基数估算与DDoS攻击检测”项目,获得“Intel英特尔2022 P4中国黑客松Hackathon”比赛一等奖。
  • [2022-11-11] 获得华为火花价值奖(三丫坡会战难题第二期)。利用基数估算和频数估算方法,实现华为自研开源Open GaussDB关系数据库的查询优化。
  • [2022-09-23] A paper named “Universal and accurate sketch for estimating heavy hitters and moments in data streams” is accepted by ACM/IEEE TON.
  • [2022-07-15] 入选2022年江苏省科技副总项目,依托江苏省易安联网络技术有限公司
  • [2022-04-09] A paper “Accurately identify time-decaying heavy hitters by decay-aware cuckoo filter along kicking path” accepted by IEEE IWQoS (CCF B)
  • [2022-01-28] 江苏省“333高层次人才培养工程”第六期第三层次,培养管理期从2022从1月至2026年12月
  • [2021-12-02] 江苏省科学技术厅的“2021江苏省科学技术奖”评选中,项目“Tbps级全流量态势智能感知关键技术的研发及产业化”获得一等奖(第3完成人)
  • [2021-11-25] 2021年度江苏省计算机学会科学技术奖、优秀科技工作者、青年科技奖、优博、优硕评选中,获得"江苏省计算机学会青年科技奖"
  • [2021-06-18] A team of postgraduate students (王浩天、蔡绪元、苏豪、李逸飞) under my supervision have won the third prize in the 5th Future Network Technology Innovation Competition in China (第五届未来网络发展大会组委会主办的未来之光——未来网络科技创新大赛三等奖,奖金1万).
  • [2021-04-27] A paper “Supporting Flow-Cardinality Queries with O(1) Time Complexity in High-speed Networks”is accepted by IEEE IWQoS (CCF B)
  • [2021-01-31] A paper “Multi-resolution odd sketch for mining Jaccard similarities between dynamic streaming sets” is accepted by IEEE CSCWD (CCF C).
  • [2021-01-15] Postgraduates in our lab (石唱、章轶群、汤梓寅) have won the third prize in the The First Competition of Collaborative Learning and Network Security in China (中国电子学会主办的第一届大学生协作学习与网络安全大赛三等奖).
  • [2020-06-09] 在中国CICC指挥与控制学会2020年“全国科技工作者日”评选中,被授予“CICC科技精英奖”称号
  • [2019-11-06] A paper “Universal online sketch for tracking heavy hitters and estimating moments of data streams” is accepted by IEEE INFOCOM (CCF A).
  • [2019-10-23] A paper “Estimating cardinality for arbitrarily large data stream with improved memory efficiency” is accepted by IEEE/ACM TON (CCF A).
  • [2019-03-24] A paper “A memory-compact and fast sketch for online tracking heavy hitters in a data stream” accepted by ACM TURC'19 SIGCOMM China.
  • [2019-01-19] "Estimating cardinality of arbitrary expression of multiple tag sets in a distributed RFID system" is accepted by IEEE/ACM TON (CCF A).
  • [2018-12-16] Postgraduates in our lab named Zhiying Tang (唐志颖), Lin Wen (温霖) and Hanyu Xiao (肖涵宇) has won the second prize in the "postgraduate research competition for cybersecurity innovation and practice" of Jiangsu province (江苏省首届研究生网络空间安全科研创新实践大赛二等奖)
  • [2018-11-15] "A protocol for simultaneously estimating moments and popular groups in a multigroup RFID system" accepted by IEEE/ACM TON (CCF A).
  • [2018-08-20] A team of undergraduate students (郑浩、郑云川、朱一苇、吕顺、张诚天) under my supervision have won the first prize in the National Competition of Software-Defined Networks in China (教育部科技发展中心主办的全国高校软件定义网络应用创新SDN开发大赛一等奖).
  • [2017-09-07] "Cardinality estimation for elephant flows: A compact solution based on virtual register sharing" is accepted by IEEE/ACM TON (CCF A).
  • [2017-06-22] Our HyperLogLog-TailCut algorithm (published in the proceedings of INFOCOM'17) for memory-efficient cardinality estimation of data streams was implemented by Go language on Github ---- https://github.com/axiomhq/hlltc. It becomes one of the popular hyperloglog implementations, according to two posts from Hacker News: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14636699 and https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14637171
  • [2017-05-27] "Adaptive joint estimation protocol for arbitrary pair of tag sets in a distributed RFID system" has been accepted by IEEE/ACM TON (CCF A).
  • [2017-05-13] Received a "RISING STAR" award from ACM Nanjing chapter (国际计算机学会ACM南京分部2016年度科研新星奖) during the ACM Turing 50th Celebration Conference - China.
  • [2016-11-26] "Better with fewer bits: Improving the performance of cardinality estimation of data streams" was accepted by IEEE INFOCOM'17 (CCF A).
  • [2016-09-08] A coauthored book titled "Traffic measurement for big network data" has been accepted for publication on Springer [url].
  • [2016-07-08] Invited to visit the University of Göttingen and give a talk about "Hyper-compact stream cardinality estimators for big network data".
  • [2016-06-06] "Collision-aware churn estimation in large-scale dynamic RFID systems" was accepted by IEEE/ACM TON (CCF A).
  • [2016-04-02] "Joint property estimation for multiple RFID tag sets using snapshots of variable lengths" was accepted by ACM MOBIHOC'16 (CCF B).
  • [2015-08-27] Our stream processing algorithm, proposed in ACM SIGMETRICS'15 paper, has been adopted by developers from Xamarin.com to support their mobile phone application monitoring system. The open-source library can be downloaded at https://github.com/seiflotfy/vhll
  • [2015-03-09] "Temporally or spatially dispersed joint RFID estimation using snapshots of variable lengths" was accepted by ACM MOBIHOC'15 (CCF B).
  • [2015-02-09] "Hyper-compact virtual estimators for big network data based on register sharing" was accepted by ACM SIGMETRICS'15 (CCF B).
  • [2014-07-01] "Estimating persistent spreads in high-speed networks" was accepted by IEEE ICNP'14 (CCF B).
Technical Program Committee Member
Research Interests
  • Resource-constrained and real-time recognition of traffic pattern in high-speed communication networks
  • Big data analysis, social network analysis, blockchain technology
  • Novel applications and cross-layer protocol design in wireless powered embedded systems
  • Interesting applications in wireless sensor networks, e.g., sensor localization, robot navigation, and human gesture recognition, to list a few
  • Disruption-tolerant unicast/broadcast/multicast protocols in wireless mesh networks
  • Design and model checking of business workflows in service-oriented architecture
Academic Projects Involved
  • 2021.07-2023.06: 大规模确定性骨干网络架构及关键技术研究
    项目单位紫金山实验室,科技部国家重点研发计划项目 National Key Research and Development Plan (2020YFB1805204),项目参与
  • 2020.07-2023.06: High-speed traffic measurement and spatial-temporal behavioral analysis in software-defined networks
    Southeast University, Principle Investigator: Qingjun Xiao, funded by Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province of China (No. BK20201266).
  • 2019.01-2022.12: Network streaming big data: Spatial and temporal joint processing, and performance optimization
    Southeast University, Principle Investigator: Qingjun Xiao, funded by National Science Foundation of China (No. 61872080) , Amount: 640,000 RMB
  • 2016.01-2018.12: Real-time Processing of Network Streaming Data in Temporal and Spatial Domains by Sketch Encoding and Mining
    Southeast University, Principle Investigator: Qingjun Xiao, funded by National Science Foundation of China (No. 61502098), Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (No. BK20150629) and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (No. 2016M601699), Amount: 250,000 + 200,000 + 50,000 RMB
  • 2018.07-2022.06: 物联网与智慧城市安全保障关键技术研究
    项目单位中国科技大学,科技部重点研发计划项目 (2018YFB0803400),2180万人民币,负责人李向阳,项目参与
  • 2017.10-2021.09: 面向工业互联网的智能云端协作关键技术及系统
    项目单位东南大学,科技部重点研发计划项目 (2017YFB1003001),1816万人民币,负责人罗军舟,项目参与
  • 2013-2014: Making Online Network Functions Fast and Compact
    University of Florida, PI:
    Prof. Shigang Chen, funded by US NSF (NeTS 1115548), Amount: 400,000 USD.
  • 2013-2014: Dare You Put Your Data in Cloud?
    University of Florida, PI: Prof. Shigang Chen, funded by Cisco Systems Inc., Amount: 101,716 USD.
  • 2012-2013: VolcanoSRI: 4D Volcano Tomography in a Large-Scale Sensor Network
    Georgia State University, PI: Prof. Wenzhan Song, funded by USA NSF-CDI-1125165, Amount: 1,833,608 USD.
  • 2007-2010: Wireless Sensor Network Localization and Robot Navigation
    Hong Kong Polytechnic University, PI: Prof. Bin Xiao, funded by HongKong RGC PolyU.
  • 2022: 江苏省科学技术厅的“江苏省科学技术奖”评选中,项目“Tbps级全流量态势智能感知关键技术的研发及产业化”获得一等奖(第3完成人),2021-1-1-R3
  • 2022: 入选2022年江苏省科技副总项目,依托江苏省易安联网络技术有限公司
  • 2022: 江苏省“333高层次人才培养工程”第六期第三层次,培养管理期从2022从1月至2026年12月
  • 2022: 获得华为火花价值奖(三丫坡会战难题第二期)
  • 2021: 在2021年度江苏省计算机学会科学技术奖、优秀科技工作者、青年科技奖、优博、优硕评选中,获评 "江苏省计算机学会青年科技奖"
  • 2020: 在中国CICC指挥与控制学会2020年“全国科技工作者日”评选中,被授予“CICC科技精英奖”称号
  • 2016: "Academic Rising Star" award bestowed by ACM Nanjing Chapter for the entire Jiangsu province
  • 2011: Academic presentation award - 2nd runner-up, in Dept. COMP of HKPU
  • 2004: Scholarship for full-time postgraduate study in Shanghai JiaoTong University
  • 1999 - 2002: Be awarded the first class scholarship for consecutive three years during undergraduate study
  • 2000: Be awarded the first prize in advanced calculus competition of JiangSu province
  • "In my experience, most stuff that you start is mediocre for a really long time before it actually gets good. And you can't tell if it's going to be good until you're really late in the process. So the only thing you can do is have faith that if you do enough stuff, something will turn out great and really surprise you."

    --- Ira Glass: The Wrong Stuff

  • "A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some task T and some performance measure P, if its performance on T, as measured by P, improves with experience E."

    --- Tom Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon University

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